vintagegirl (vintagegirlnh) wrote,

Sale stereo rose, coco, coco beach, all girl, paint pots, volcanic ash etc-last sale 2 months ago

Shipping is $2.50 (with DC) and 50 cents for each additional item, except volcanic ash that will be $4.00 due to weight. I only take paypal (concealed cash ok only if you have purchased from me before with concealed cash,). Let me know if you intend on purchasing with CC paypal-I'm not sure how many CC transactions I have left and you'll have to cover fees. I encourage that you purchase insurance, I am not responsible for any items after I have shipped them. I am only selling and shipping in the US. If you think something's priced too high then let me know but don't be upset if I don't take your offer. I am up for giving discounts on multiple purchase sales. I pack with a lot of bubble wrap and in bubble mailers. I have 100 percent feedback on mua under vintagepinupgirl. I don't hold items (I've been burned, as we all have). You must pay within three hours of invoicing or I will give the item up to next in line. If you'd prefer to message me for a purchase that is fine. I will be going by the time display on messages/comments. Thank you so much for looking at my sale, I really do appreciate it.

PS I have some boxes for the items, if I do have the matching box I will ship it in it's original box.

otherworldly BN 25, Delft 1x 20, Pharaoh BN 25, Electro Sky 1x 23

Pigments not pictured (can take pictures on request) Heritage Rouge (Half jar, never used) 13, Night Light 18, Golden Olive 18, Deckchair 40

Bottom to Top
Jardin Aires (2xs) 15, Deep Blue green (1x)20, Golden lemon (1 time)19, Cornflower (2xs) 19, sold, Museum bronze (half jar never used) 13, electric coral (1x) 19, Fuchsia (1x) 19, sold, sold, Coco Beach (BN) 45, Deep Brown (BN) 20, sold, Mega Rich (BN) 20, Viz a Violet (1x) 19

going from r-l, sorry it uploaded weird
Coco (BN) 45, Tan (1x) 20, sold, Sunnydaze (1x) 22, Golder's Green (2x) 22, Teal (1x) 20, Blue Brown (swatched once) 20, Emerald Green (used three times) 18, Cool Pink (1 time, a matte so it looks less filled) 20, Ruby Red (1x) 17, Bell Bottom Blue 75% 16, Rose (used 1x) 17, sold, Revved up (50 percent 10), Vintage gold ( half jar never used) 13, Chartreuse (BN) 19, Entremauve (1X, has a white line down side of jar from previous owner, not sure why) 15, Accent Red (1x) 16, Azreal Blue (1x) 19, Blue Storm (BN) 19, Aire De Blue (1x) 19, Pink Bronze (@ times) 17, Copper Beam (half jar never used) 13

Mineralized bluses each used one time each $15
all Sold
Royal Assets Cool Eyes two shadows used one time, no brush $28
Dazzle glasses sold, sold, Comet Blue each used twice $11 each
Hard Candy Shimmer powder BN $5 each

Sold, sold, Porcelain Pink 65% left $24, pink leaopard bronzer from too faced 80% left $12

Sold, RR Blue $35, Coco Beach $45, Coco$ 45

2 4 pans (last owner had mac ads glue to the clear case, I pealed them off, you can get the remaining paper off with soap and water, otherwise in perfect condition) 3.00 each will not sell alone

Melon vial Bn $7, Pink Bronze not for sale, fluidlines 6 each (with other purchase), Boudoir Hues quad in an elf quad grey/silver eyeshad has small indentation from me putting it in the quad (all others BN) $28, cocomotion tsp sample $1 with purchase

Bronze palate from VS used once $9, warm radiance from BE $4 (with other purchase), Warmth used once $9, stilla shimmers each used three times each $5 (with other purchase), Barbie Whistle e/s used once still has barbie imprint $10, Vex eyeshadow used once $10, copperclast 1tsp $1 with purchase

Lip glosses-one free throw in per sale, Too Faced Blush Bouquts $4 each (say tester, used once, only sold with other purchase) NYX powder e/s $1 each with sale
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