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I got A's in both classes!! So far I have a 4.0 gpa in grad school. God I hope I can keep this up so I can get into a PhD program next!!
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

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Sale time!

Details: US only. Shipping and handling is 3.50 (includes DC), paypal only. Let me know if it’s CC through paypal because I only have a few more transactions left and you will be responsible for the fees, sorry. I am not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise. I do not take returns. You must comment with your email address for paypal invoicing. If you do not pay within 12 hours of invoicing the next interested buyer will be given a chance at the item. You can try haggling with me. I do not have pictures off hand but can furnish them upon request (must borrow boyfriend’s camera). Thank you for your interest!!!
100% Feedback under vintagepinupgirl on mua and vintagepostergirl on ebay, sorry no swaps at this time

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Pallete BN, never swatched, never used $75
BNIB Marine Life (my backup and what I paid for it :/) $45
Urban Decay Primer Potion BN $13
Mac Gentle Fume quad Ronelle swatched once, waft bn, gentle fume bn, carbon bn $40
Take winge eyes, each color swatched once $20
Sweetie cakes quad each shadow used once $20

Pigments (all are in old, original jars) without box unless otherwise specified
Viz a violet BN 19
Cocamotion BN $19
Mauvement BN $19
Deep Brown Pro BN $19 (pending crazyblue758)
Copperized BN $19
Jardin Aires Used once $15
Apricot pink used three time $12 (sold tracy b)
Mutiny BN $19
Copperclast BN $19
Teal Use twice $17
Blue Storm BN $19
Golden Lemon BN $19
Cool Pink Pro BN $19 (Pending Spam)
Rose used once $17
Silver Fog used once $18 (pending Tokyofro)
Bell Bottom Blue BN $19
Fuschia BN $19
Helium used twice $17

Charm sized pigments each $7 unless otherwise specified
Frozen White
Chartreuse (pending paramour)
Pinked Mauve (pending spam)
Naval Blue
Old Gold (pending spam)
Dark Soul

Paint Pots/Fluuidlines/Shade sticks
Fresco Rose pulling from the sides used 5 times $8
Otherworldy paintpot BN from Mcqueen collection $22 (pending navahomies)
Rubenesque pulling from the sides used 5 times $8
Dip down brown fluidline 80% $7
Brassy fluidline 80% 6
Corn shadestick used once $9
Gracious me shadestick swacthed once $10
Charm sized shadesticks
Royal hue used twice $4
Silverblue used once $5
Lucky jade broken free on request

Lip Stuff
Port Red ls used once $17
Utterly Frivolous (Fafi) used twice $10
Sci Fidelity Used once $10
Electro swatched once $12
White magic lipgloss mcqueen used twice $9
Totally it lipgloss Fafi used once $11
Nothingless lipgloss McQueen used twice $9 (pending navahomies)

Eyeshadows in pot
Fillament used once $12
Parrot used swartched once $14 (pending navahomies)
Nocturnelle BN $14

Eyeshadows in Pans
Expensive pink used once $8
Paradisco used once $8
Moon’s reflection never used but small nail indentation from putting in quad $7
Juxt used once $9

Light flush used four times $15
BE warmth BN $7
Broken (what I think is aquadisiac) in an elf quad $4
Boudoir hues eyeshadow quad in an elf quad, each shadow swatched once. Take the whole quad for $12 or each shadow $4 (trousseau, silver, charm, titillate, lounge wear) (trousseau and lingewear pending paramour)

EDIT as of 7/15/10- I was hospitalized for five days and just came home this morning. If you've purchased from me I just want to apologize for the delay in shipment. I WILL be shipping tomorrow (July 16, 2010) and I WILL be messaging DC numbers. Once again, I am so sorry for the delay.